Aloha & Welcome to the Kona Sunburst Coffee Farm

Proudly offering 100% Kona Coffee grown and produced in Kona, Hawaiʻi!  Latitude: 19.662370 Longitude: -155.942452

Farming has always been part of our lives and living in Kona, coffee was the crop of choice.  It is both our passion and our pleasure to offer exceptional coffee grown and milled on our farm in Keopu Mauka, north Kona district.

Sunburst coffee is produced with no chemicals except botannica - a fungus used in the control of the coffee berry borer (CBB). The elevation at 2300’ means we get adequate rainfall and natural sunshade in the afternoons. Our soil is rich to insure smooth and delicious Kona coffee without bitterness.

Kona Sunburst Coffee is our retirement dream - we hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy offering it to you. Visit us any time to see for yourself!  Call 808-938-0104 to schedule a tour.

Order our delicious roasts or make your own!